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Rethinking Extension

With the support from University experts we train agricultural extension staff and lead farmers through the use of media and technology.

We focus on agricultural education, digital literacy, leadership development and performance improvement by using university experts and on the field mentors. This allows us to leverage our technology to help organizations achieve results that require a change in human behavior.

Our Trainings

We host engaging three day to five-day trainings & Trainer of Trainers (TOTs) which is an infusion of fresh ideas, actionable technological concepts, leadership principles and heartfelt inspiration delivered both online and in-person at demo sites across Zambia.

Our Content

Underpinned by our partnership with the University of Zambia, our trusted learning methodology and custom content solutions are designed around the unique context of delivering superior knowledge support for your lead farmers and extension staff performance

Our Platorm

Combining our performance-led design philosophy with self-service functionality, the Kulima platform enables more efficient learner management – on any device, anywhere

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Our Farm Tours

Seeing is believing. We combine our trainings with on-farm tours whether virtual or physical, this is the epitome of our training. Your lead staff will get to see models and meet and interact with successful implementers of agricultural technology.

How Kulima helps farmers

With the Kulima platform, more than 600 farmers have been trained in the last two (2) years. The platform not only gives it users an easy video based learning platform but also allows them to access the content anytime at anyplace.

  • Simplified learning
  • Free download
  • User friendly interface
  • Video based

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