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We know farmers better than
anyone else

Why Agricomm?

We are here to find solutions for a better world and to illuminate them. We jointly renew, restore, and regenerate the world in which we live by collaborating with companies, innovators, and changemakers who love people, agriculture, and our planet. Through films, lessons, and experiences, we hope to have a positive, significant impact on society.

  • Local Knowledge
  • World-class execution
Simplifying agriculture science

Rethinking Extension

We provide simplicity in a complicated environment by providing dependable, top-notch services and integrated communication solutions.

Farmer-Centered Approach

Using a farmer-centered approach, we identify and empathize with the farmer through design thinking solution to ultimately understand their needs to better assist and serve
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Research-based Education

Through instructional design and collaboration with research organisations, learning institutions and scientists we assist in building end-to-end solutions that result in immersive and compelling educational resources.
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Film, Audio & Photography

Harnessing the power of film, audio and photography to bring unique stories to life to engage individuals and connect them with the missions of our clients.
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Leveraging Digital Solutions

With our in-house developers, we build apps! We focus on increasing profitability and productivity by leveraging digital solutions and strengthening business innovations.
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Its always a pleasure to work with a dedicated team! Keep it up

Daisy Kambandu

Program Director at TechnoServe

Thank you so much! Every single person we’ve dealt with during this project has been a consummate professional. I was very impressed with the care taken by the installers to do the job right and clean everything up afterwards. You guys are the best that I know of. Thanks!

George Gordon

Business Owner

Everyone, from the first phone call to the last, has been a pleasure to deal with. All of our requests were taken into account and incorporated into the project. The installation process was astonishingly smooth. I would recommend you to all my friends. Thank you so much.

Linda Moore

Office Manager

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